Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day #29 - 30 Days to a Simpler Life

It's day 29 of 30 Days to a Simpler Life.

Challenge 29 - Find out what works

Love and Wear clothes exclusively OK
Closet organized MOSTLY (Right now it's temporarily the stash for birthday presents, which makes it a bit messy)
Accessories managed OK (I don't have many to worry about)
Stockings OK (I actually don't think I own any
Belts OK
Scarves None
Shoes OK
Jewelry OK

Clothing Systems
Dry-cleaning system OK (We don't dry clean at all.)
Laundry system FAIR (Some weeks go great. Others are so-so. It should even back out when I can finally pack away the last winter clothes.)
Out of season system FAIR (We're in the middle of changing seasons so it's a bit of a mess for the moment.)
Recycling System OK (I have boxes for consignment items and start a new bag for Goodwill whenever necessary.)

Linen closet FAIR (Ours doubles as a game closet, so sometimes it looks great and other times...)

Counters cleared MOSTLY
Storage organized OK
Love and Use items exclusively OK (Except the china, but that will change when the kids get a little older.)
Meal Planning System OK
Grocery Shopping System OK
Entertaining Menus and Setup Help OK (When we do entertain, it's not that hard to pull things together.)

Home Office
Mail Handling FAIR (I don't always deal with the mail immediately.)
Desktop Papers FAIR (Same as above)
Office Supplies OK
Bill-Paying System OK
Filing System OK
Current OK
Important Documents OK
Estate planning NOT DONE
Tax records OK
Home improvement records OK
Insurances MOSTLY (Eventually need to add term life insurance for me)
Archives OK
Stationery and stamps OK (As long as the kid's stay out of the stamps.)
Ticket system OK (Not really needed here.)
Gift wrapping OK
Photos FAIR (The printed ones are in one place. The computer ones are edited and back up. Now I just have to start doing something with them.)
Subscriptions OK
Travel files and planning OK (Not needed.)

Kids' rooms FAIR (Technically that should be a range of poor to excellent depending on the day)
Closet FAIR (Technically that should be a range of poor to excellent depending on the day)
Desk OK (Not present)
Storage OK
Kids' papers and mementos OK (Each has one under the bed box for their items. It's just a matter of making sure it gets there.)
Babysitter information current NO (We don't have any.)

House Maintenance
Supplies organized OK (This is DH's domain. Generally he knows where thing are.)
Daily Routine FAIR (It's a matter of energy. Some days are better than others.)
Weekly Routine FAIR (see above)
Seasonal Routine FAIR (see above)

Garage OK (We don't technically have one, but if I considered the shed then POOR)

House sitter information current OK (Never use)
Recycling system for useless stuff OK

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