Monday, March 28, 2011

Day #12 - 30 Days to a Simpler Life

It's day 12 of 30 Days to a Simpler Life. Challenge 12 - Simplify Your Mind I confess. I completely ditched this one. I couldn't think of something that makes me grumpy or angry. There are things that my children do that would qualify, but I know it's a matter of training or acceptance. No list needed for those. As for DH, I've just learned to be honest about some things and ignore others that aren't important (like putting away the sugar and creamer when he's finished his coffee. Annoying at times, but not worth fussing over.) I did manage a little of simplifying over the weekend. My mom was visiting and had a hard time opening the drawer under the oven. I apologized and mentioned that I was planning on getting rid of the two pans for mini muffins in the drawer since I never use them and they jam the drawer fairly often. My mom took them because she has to make smaller muffins for Dad's type 2 diabetes and hadn't had a chance to buy new pans. In the end, it was perfect for both of us. My drawer no longer jams, and she has enough mini-muffin pans for baking.

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  1. Way to make it work. I love that you found a home for your muffin tins :-)